Beautiful, custom jewelry made in Vancouver.

Canadian jewelry designed for women with stories to tell.

Mosadi Jewelry is primarily a collection of six healing ribbon pendants to share as gifts with women who have stories to tell about their lives. These are gifts for women who have experienced the width and depth of life in their own personal way. It is about heartaches and tears, about illness and sadness, but most of all, it is about healing.  These are gifts for women who have walked their paths with dignity, grace and pride. We all know that life goes on, it will always continue, no matter what life has put in our way, but it will continue in a different way. And because life continues, we celebrate with gratitude where we are and what we have today. 

Mosadi Jewelry in Vancouver also offers additional jewelry designs without ribbons, in support of the healing ribbon pendant mission - view our Jewelry Catalogue for bangles, necklaces, earrings, and hair accessories.

Mosadi Jewelry is a gift to say 'We remember the path you have walked'.

What does 'Mosadi' mean? It is an African word for 'woman' and is pronouced: /mʊˈsa.di/

Six, beautiful pendants custom made in Vancouver.

Why six different pendants?

There can be many reasons.  Our world was created in six days. In numerology, six represents harmony, love, balance, truth, and sincerity. It is known as the 'motherhood' number - the 'glue' that keeps a family together. The spiritual meaning of number Six deals with enlightenment. Our world emanates in six all encompassing directions: up, down, north, south, east, and west.  And so many more reasons. They are all significant.  

Mosadi ribbon jewelry come in a collection of six ribbon designs, as each one comes with an inspiring name. The first letter of each name will eventually spell a motivational word. So, follow us on Twitter and 'like' us on Facebook, as we introduce you to each new design over the next few months.

The motivation behind Mosadi Jewelry is to create a jewelry and craft school for disadvantaged women, to give them the gift of self-sufficiency and to empower them to walk with pride. For this reason, a percentage of each sale through this website will be contributed to the Mosadi Art & Jewelry School.

Custom Canadian jewelry made in Vancouver for women everywhere.

Mosadi Jewelry custom designs and manufactures beautiful jewelry in Vancouver for women everywhere. View our selection of products to find the right gift for that special person in your life.